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As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Toro is well equipped to unlock the full potential of your smile. Whether you are thinking about having your teeth professionally whitened, biocompatible and naturally beautiful mercury-free restorations, or a complete smile makeover with Pembroke Pines veneers, you can count on our practice to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Have you ever envisioned your smile without minor spaces, chipping, staining or misshapen front teeth? What if any combination of these imperfections could be beautifully masked with a single, customized treatment? With
Pembroke Pines veneers, it’s possible to address a wide range of minor cosmetic imperfections in the most conservative manner possible. Veneers are are custom facings that are ingeniously designed to bond over the treated surfaces of your natural teeth, smoothing over chips, spacing, discoloration, and misshapen teeth in the process! Veneers are fabricated with premium dental grade porcelain—the gold standard when it comes to cosmetic dental work. Working closely with Dr. Toro, your valued input will be applied to design the new shade, shape and proportions of your smile with the most seamless, natural results! Whether you’re interested in touching up a few minor imperfections, or a complete makeover for your smile, we look forward to hearing all about your cosmetic goals and can develop the most suitable treatment plan for your comfort level and budget.

With modern advances in dental technology and technique, it’s truly remarkable what you can achieve together with our skilled cosmetic dentist. At Pembroke Smile Center, we listen to you, and take the time to address your questions and concerns, providing our professional guidance and support. If you are considering Pembroke Pines veneers , or cosmetic dental work of any kind, we’d love to hear about it! To schedule your consultation with our diligent and attentive dentist, give a call to the friendly office staff at Pembroke Smile Center today!

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